Spiritual Physics

I’m not a spiritual guy. I’m not a faith guy. I’m a science guy. I’m a fact guy.

So when I talk about Oneness, or One Body, I’m not promoting a supposition or a superstition. I’m promoting cold hard physics.

There is no separation. All form is illusion sustained by the mind. Form is false. The fact is that all matter is made of the same tiny particles, and that only once interpreted by our senses do certain groups of particles get distinguished as individual bodies.

The illusion is beautiful, magnificent, and the basis of human existence. But the truth is Oneness, and knowing the truth allows us to embrace humanity without suffering. Life becomes light without ego or control. The burden is lifted, and we’re free.

Where I Am

I am where I am, wishing I were elsewhere.
The buzzing saw. The hammers echo.
The swaying lemon tree. The immovable
doubt. It’s not enough. What will be
enough? Certainty?—well, I’ll never
have that. It will always come back
to, where did the Universe come from?
What existed before it existed? No,
certainty is a fool’s objective.
Doubt is uncomfortable, but comfort
is always false. Better to face the
fog, embrace our blindness, than
to pretend we can actually see.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is not another self-help scheme. It’s not another “six-step program” to self-improvement. Spiritual awakening is the end of seeking, when we are exhausted by our efforts to “change.”

Awakening is coming home to Presence, after a long and futile journey of trying to be anywhere except where we Are. It is the complete surrender to Now. It is the realization that our life is part of a greater Happening, and that everything unfolds by a higher Will.

Awakening is the return to the restful state of simply Being. Everything else is given to the Universe.





Everything is Okay

Everything is okay.

This is what precedes every waking moment.

Not as a voice. Not as a thought. Not as a feeling. As something deeper.

Everything is okay.

It’s not a fact, or an opinion, or a statement. It’s not a judgment or a passing observation.

Everything is okay.

It’s there even when nothing is okay. It’s there when everything is wrong. It transcends conditions and forms.

Everything is okay.

It’s here right now. Not in these words. Not even in the person who is reading them. But it is here right now, with me and with you. It was there before I mentioned it, and will be there when your eyes turn away.

Everything is okay. Even when “it’s not okay.”


Your Eternal Gaze

Don’t be fooled by the dogma of institutional religion. Don’t buy into the notion of God being “separate” from humanity. This is just the sickness of blame and shame on a societal scale. Responsibility is a sham. Free will is a delusion.

God is in every step you take. From the thousands of hair follicles on your shins, to the myriad atoms that form your legs and ankles and toes. From the thud of every footfall, to the glistening beads of sweat, God is walking through “you.”

And no, this doesn’t mean that You are God. It means that your body is God. Your mind is God. And You are something else entirely. The “you” of your mind is an illusion, just another facet of the Divine. Break free. See what You really are. You are God’s Witness. You behold the Universe. You embrace Creation with your eternal Gaze.