Spiritual Physics

I’m not a spiritual guy. I’m not a faith guy. I’m a science guy. I’m a fact guy.

So when I talk about Oneness, or One Body, I’m not promoting a supposition or a superstition. I’m promoting cold hard physics.

There is no separation. All form is illusion sustained by the mind. Form is false. The fact is that all matter is made of the same tiny particles, and that only once interpreted by our senses do certain groups of particles get distinguished as individual bodies.

The illusion is beautiful, magnificent, and the basis of human existence. But the truth is Oneness, and knowing the truth allows us to embrace humanity without suffering. Life becomes light without ego or control. The burden is lifted, and we’re free.

My Folly

To reap the purpose of creation
without sowing lacrimation—
Rainbows only manifest
after rain.

Poems, paintings, and purpose
come to the surface
as souls gasp for breath
from the depths.

To seek joy without pain
is my eternal bane;
Without a hint of doubt’s shadow,
this I know.

Yet, time and again,
and again and again—
I am a fool.



The Price of Life

No future is worth it. No object is attained without sacrifice of equal measure, if not more. Now more than ever I am certain: there is no wrong way to live. Or, maybe there’s no right way. In either case, the only sane thing to do is to live in the moment.

Let Now dictate whether you end up providing tirelessly for your family, or succumbing helplessly to the depths of creative despair. Or somewhere in between.

Whatever your destination, the price of life is always hefty. By letting go, you can at least relinquish the extra penalty of trying to avoid paying it.

When suffering becomes a Fact of life, we suffer less, because we no longer struggle against its inevitability. And life as it is, is as good as it ever could be, the moment we discover that this is so.

Why “Spiritual Bypassing” is Bullshit

There is nothing you can do wrong. This whole idea of not growing into selfless presence because we cling to spiritual names and experiences is erroneous. There is no presence free of self, until there is. The self is often a part of the present experience. And there is nothing wrong with it. Growth is learning to love and accept our present experience, whatever it may include. Yes it includes grasping to spiritual identities. Yes, it includes clinging to enlightened experiences. Yes, it includes not growing as fast as we may like, because we are not ready to let go of the safety blanket of ego-assuaging and pain-avoiding mental indulgences. You cannot bypass Presence. And you don’t need to worry about growing. Growth happens when life knocks you down. And that will happen regardless how wide or comfortable the blankets you use to shield yourself. Nothing can protect you from the cold hard ground of reality. But it is perfectly natural and acceptable to cling to the comfortable clouds of illusion that appear along our constant descent. Let life be the catalyst for growth. It will not fail to destroy and rebuild you, again and again.