When you live in the present, you lose track of Time. You no longer gauge how long you may have to live.

It is scary to let go of Time. To let go of awareness of Death. When we are aware of Death, it feels distant, like it is always on the horizon.

To be truly present is to remove the distance between our experience and oblivion. It is the recognition that Now is the only moment that exists, and that the future is just a mirage.

You are only alive for the present moment, but in each moment lies an Eternity.


When you realize that you have always lived from thought to thought, from one breath to the next, from one necessary moment to another…

…you may find the present become less of a struggle, as you see that no thoughts are unwanted, no feelings unwarranted.

Where certain thought, feelings, and movements were once resisted from guilt or shame, they are finally allowed expression. This opens up emotional and mental blockage, and brings spontaneity and self-assurance to a body once disabled by doubt.


Return to Innocence

Love knows only simple words. Bliss comes out in baby terms. Thoughts are the bane of life. The nebulous web of mind takes us further from epicenter of life, Being itself. Pure unadulterated senses.

Language, which adds so much to the intricacy and beauty of experience, also pulls us away from its purity, like a current pulls us unwittingly from the shore.

Returning to the sands of Presence, breaking the surface of the abysmal sea of mind—this is the purpose of adulthood, to regain the innocence of prelingual being.


Gentle hairs. Weathered skin.

A metacarpal canvas cracked with wear,

soft with promised years.


Bulbous veins, oily digits, and solitude end

where bliss begins—your face, your hand,

your commiseration.


Life does not exist alone.

It begins not at conception, but companionship.

Where two breaths make one.

And one heart pumps another’s blood.