Where Else But Here?

Find heaven within the hurt—there is no where else to look. Pain is ubiquitous, woven inextricably into the fabric of being. If Heaven isn’t here, it’s nowhere.

If this fire in my belly isn’t sacred,
If these tears don’t glisten with divinity,
If this voice doesn’t quiver with God’s own breath,
And this heart doesn’t pound to the beat of Her breast,
Then forever, I am lost,
and will never be found.

I will always be Here,
at home on the ground.
And if Here isn’t Heaven,
then where?


A Moment for Pain

I have carpal tunnel. Shooting pains in my wrists. Numbness in my fingers. Loss of function in my hands.

I’m not going to pretend I prefer pain to its alternative, but at the same time: what a miracle it is to feel pain!

We so take for granted the miracle of Existence, that we have the nerve to reject one aspect of it, and to demand another!

Of course, the evasion of pain is part of the miracle of life, but can’t we take a moment once in awhile to see that even pain is fucking miraculous, that even our deepest discomfort is divine?


Presence Over Pride

Inside every pride-filled moment is a deep sorrow begging to be felt. When our ego clutches to an “accomplishment” or cherishes a mark of “status,” what we really need to do is cry.

There is pain beneath our pride. There are wounds that no triumph or condition can mend. The only medicine is Presence, and every time we grasp at shallow “stitches,” there is an opportunity to be Present for our pain, to give it the time and space it needs to heal all by itself.



Our happiest moments are not when we believe in a future free of pain.

Our happiest moments are when we grasp the inevitability of pain, and let go of our plans to escape it.

We sink into the necessity of the Now, and despite our “wounds” and “woes,” we find the resolve in our reverence to smile, and the Space in our heart to hold everything in Love.