There is nothing so terrible ahead
death will not save you from.

If it is death you fear, don’t worry:
This is only the ego, shivering
over the extinction of “I.”

Death is no different
than drifting off to sleep,
after a long day.

There is no day so terrible
a night’s rest won’t relieve.
Death is the last relief, the final
descent into slumber.

There is nothing ahead in life
death will not save you from.
You are free to live a terrible,
wonderful, life.

Whatever path each day,
and life, goes down,
just around the corner
is sleep.


It’s not your fault. No, really. It isn’t.

But I don’t even know what it is you blame yourself for. Doesn’t matter. It’s not your fault.

I’m not going to insist that you stop blaming yourself. That can easily add blame to blame, when you beat yourself up every time you beat yourself up.

But it’s not your fault! None of it is. Not what you blame yourself for. Not the blame itself. You are completely and unconditionally absolved.

Blame the atoms! There is no self. There is only the One Dance, the Cosmic Body. Everything “you” do is actually the Universe’s doing. There is no blame.

There is no blame!