One, Loved

The ego doesn’t need to be destroyed. Violence is what created it in the first place. Violence isn’t cured with violence. Violence only sleeps when it is Held. But this Holding is not an action. Even love forced is a subtle violence—a passive aggression. We can only see that violence is already Held.

Violence is already Loved, because even violence is a form of Oneness, the sacred Body comprising all that exists. This Love is not a feeling. No one is asking us to embrace cruelty and destruction. It is already Embraced, by the mere fact of its existence.

Equally Embraced is our distaste for violence, our aversion to heartless deeds. When violence and our regard for it are held equally in the arms of Presence, they soften together, in mutual surrender. We intuit the suffering beneath the sadism, and forgive the aggressor in ourselves and others. We find peace amidst the commotion, and warmth beneath the bitter frost.

It is in the warmth of our formless Allowance, that hearts thaw and veins cool. There is no battle of love to be won. There is only One, effortlessly and endlessly Loved.



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