How can you hate yourself, when there is no self to be hated?

Oh, you mean this collection of thoughts and memories and feelings and movements? That is what you call your “self”?

Those thoughts which flow unstoppably from nowhere? Those memories which are woven from neurons, and those feelings which rise and fall in chemical cascades?

Those movements, which “you” take credit for, but which are really as spontaneous as your beating heart and wavering breath?

Where is this “self” you hate? Point it out! Paint me a picture! Except you can’t, because it isn’t there. The only Self which is undoubtedly There, cannot be known—because it is Knowing itself!

The Knower cannot know itself, for the same reason that eyes cannot see themselves (without a mirror). Eyes can only know that they are There, but nothing else. There is no mirror to the Soul. There is no form to be Seen. There is only the Seeing. There is only the Seer.



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