The Draining of “Me”

Water overflows the glass, and I get annoyed by the inconvenience.

Both are part of a single Happening. The water inundates the glass. “Annoyance” inundates the body.

Both are expressions of one eternal Movement. Often, there is the sensation of “me” who is “responsible” for the “blunder.” But this “me” is just another facet of the Happening.

When we learn that all is One, the sensation of a responsible “me” begins to drain, like water in a sink. Not because we force it to—it is as Allowed as every other movement. It simply loses its relevance and enchantment, and becomes as objective as the glass and the water and the “annoyance.”

Rather than making me indifferent to life, this objectiveness makes me more fascinated than ever! Nothing can hurt “me” anymore—because this “me” is One with everything which can “hurt” it. And now, everything is Allowed. Every feeling is Embraced. And I am more human now than I was when I was “human”—now that I am the Presence beneath the Movement.




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