The Bounds of Freedom

It’s better to acknowledge the limitations of life, rather than buying into the notion that “we have none.”

The limitations are there whether we accept them or not, and when we don’t acknowledge them, we can only end up blaming ourselves for our shortcomings.

You are not to blame for whatever is “lacking” in your life. You are bound by conditions and laws—physics and the complex workings of the human psyche.

Of course, that isn’t to say that things won’t change. But only once we fully admit the extent of our limits, do we empower ourselves to thrive within them.

Once you understand the comprehensive Bounds of your life, you won’t be able to blame yourself for anything. And if there is any freedom in life worth pursuing, it is freedom from self-blame.

And only once we embrace the full limits our physical being, do we open ourselves to the discovery of our boundless Presence beneath it!


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