The Simplicity of Presence

It’s so simple. Simpler than we can even imagine. Indeed, it is the imagination which leads us “astray.”

The mind is meant to simplify. It labels and categorizes and discriminates. It searches and solves. But the problem with Presence is that it is formless, so there is nothing for the mind to grasp onto. There is nothing for the mind to solve.

Presence exists in spite of the mind. And only in the search for Presence do we “lose sight” of it. Of course, we never actually lose sight of Presence, because Presence is Sight itself. It is the Awareness beneath the mind searching desperately for Awareness. It is the Presence beyond the thoughts grasping hopelessly for Presence. It is there the whole time we are looking for it. Only when we finally give up searching, does it appear: subtle, obvious, simple. And we laugh at our foolishness. And we cry at our newly found, though never lost, Freedom.



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