True Love

Believing that there is Evil in the world takes away our power to heal it.

There is violence. There are terrible misdeeds. There is brutal cruelty. There is bullying and scapegoating galore.

But there is no Evil, no absolute force of Malevolence. Beneath aggression, there is anxiety. Beneath hate, there is heartbreak. Beneath apathy, there are depths of sadness.

Children are not evil. And deep down, we all have a child in us, a child we all fight desperately to protect. Instead of seeing Evil, I see traumatized children. In lieu of the Devil, I behold tragic expressions of the Divine.

There is tragedy. But it is Sacred. I hold it all in my arms. I hold both broken hearts and the ones who break them. I embrace both wounded souls and the souls which wound. They are not separate. They are one and the same.

We cannot love a broken child without forgiving the consequences of his brokenness. True Love does not divide the world. It must all be held before it can heal.


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