The Chessmaster

Congratulations. You beat me. This was truly fun. But only because I understand that nobody really won. There is only one Player in this Game. The Universe. Nature. Oneness. You name It. A Chessmaster dueling against Himself.

I’m not trying to take the fun out of competition. I’m trying to take the heartbreak out of it, so the competition can actually be fun! So much suffering comes from the obsession of “you versus me.” When we know that it’s all just a Cosmic game, and there are no real losers or winners, we can take our triumphs with a pinch of salt, and greet our losses with levity.

It’s fun to pretend that there’s a “you” versus a “me.” But we can learn not to take it too seriously, when we know that the “winner” and “loser” are One.


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