A Different Sort of Love

There is no Evil in the world. No absolute force of malevolence. Every act of aggression betrays a deep-seated anxiety. Every expression of outward hate divulges a pitiful rejection within.

All violence stems from the suffering of its perpetrator. When we learn to see the depths beneath the deeds, we find that the true source of unconditional love is wisdom.

Wisdom is awakening to the true pathogen of humanity’s disease, and acknowledging that the only thing we can do to cure it IS TO DO NOTHING AT ALL.

Compassion is the key to healing, but we cannot force ourselves to be compassionate. If we could all just stop what we are doing and love, then we would. That is the only thing we want. Nothing else matters. We all just want to love.

But before we can really love, we have to love our inability to love. We have to forgive every ounce of ourselves, even our inability to forgive!

This radical kind of Love, which embraces even the absence of love, is the path to healing. This Love is not demanding. It doesn’t force us to be anything but what we Are. It allows us to be “selfish” if that is what we Are. It allows us to be “unloving” if that is what we Are. It is a Love beyond action or sentiment. It is the Love of Presence. It is the Love of our formless Self.


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