The Thaw

I don’t want to sound like I have all the answers. I don’t have any. My new favorite words are “I don’t know.”

None of the questions I used to have were answered. I simply stopped asking them, and the questions fell away, along with answers I once pulled out my hair to uncover.

The Moment is all there is. If every breath in is a question, then every breath out is the answer. Once upon a time, the Moment was filled with questions of a mind blind to Presence. Presence was discovered, and the questions dissolved, not because they were really answered, but because there is so much to discover in Presence that anything not Here and Now doesn’t really deserve our attention.

Learn to embrace the mystery, as it unfolds moment by moment. Your questions will never be answered. But maybe they will melt away, and in the thaw of existential anxiety you will find there was never really anything to be solved.


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