Your Eternal Gaze

Don’t be fooled by the dogma of institutional religion. Don’t buy into the notion of God being “separate” from humanity. This is just the sickness of blame and shame on a societal scale. Responsibility is a sham. Free will is a delusion.

God is in every step you take. From the thousands of hair follicles on your shins, to the myriad atoms that form your legs and ankles and toes. From the thud of every footfall, to the glistening beads of sweat, God is walking through “you.”

And no, this doesn’t mean that You are God. It means that your body is God. Your mind is God. And You are something else entirely. The “you” of your mind is an illusion, just another facet of the Divine. Break free. See what You really are. You are God’s Witness. You behold the Universe. You embrace Creation with your eternal Gaze.


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