What is Presence?

If I read one more post equating Presence with “consciously controlling our body and life,” I am going to cry!

Spirituality is not another mechanism for throttling our mind into submission. Presence is about allowing our mind to be as it is, once we finally discover its sanctity as an expression of the Universe.

Its okay. I’ve been there. Even after I renounced the “law” of attraction, and discovered the Oneness of my being, I still strived to control it. And to be honest, “I” still do. But now I know that this “I” is not Me. This “I” is a concept of the mind, and so it is not Me controlling my mind. It is the mind “controlling” itself!

It is the mind creating separation where there is none. The sense of “I” and the thoughts and feelings and choices “I” make, are not separate at all. They are part of a seamless Oneness, a universal Stream.

Presence is not owned or manipulated by the mind, or the illusory “me” it endlessly begets. Presence is the Space beneath it. Presence is not a concept or character. Presence is an experience. It is the sensation of being Here, awake to the divinely manifested Present Moment.

Presence does not control. The mind “controls.” Presence is simply present for its superficial drama.

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