Why is fatalism so frightening? There are two reasons why we resist it.

#1: We think it means that we have no control over our future.

#2: It contradicts and threatens our egoic self, which is built on the illusion of control.

Both of these fears can be overcome, and when they are, we find ourselves feeling more “in control” and more invulnerable than we could ever imagine.

Just because the Universe unfolds by the fate of atoms, it doesn’t mean our body cannot influence the future. Of course our body influences the future! Our body is also made of atoms, and thus take a very real part in the destiny of the Universe.

But though our body influences its own fate, we do not choose what influence it has. We do not choose our thoughts. Our thoughts are atoms. We do not choose our feelings. Our feelings are atoms. We do not choose our “choices.” Are choices are atoms!

And that would all be fine, if it wasn’t for the threat to our sense of Self. Who are You, if You are not in control? This is where the ego collapses and we awaken to our deeper Self. It feels like we are losing everything, like we are dying, because our egoic “self” is found to be false.

In the void of our false identity, we fall into our true one. We are not in control. We are not the atoms of our body, or the thoughts, feelings, and choices they make. We are the Presence which gives them light. We are the Eyes which give them the gift of being Seen. Without You, the Universe would unfold in darkness, as if it didn’t even exist.


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