Awake, not “awakened”

This is a real conversation I just had with a dear friend of mine. It perfectly illustrates the paradox of enlightenment. Please read, and join in on the fun in the comments! ❤️



You wrote “When painful energies flow through your presence, resist the urge to resist them.” Resist the urge to resist 🙂 it is still resistance to something, even if resistance to resistance…Maybe clarifying or pointing towards surrendering all resistance would be a better way to put it. 


You asked me for practical, and practice is the opposite of surrender. “Resisting the urge to resist” is something which happens naturally in our mind once we have already surrendered. Our mind learns to love itself, and welcome darker and darker energies into presence.


In terms of resisting the urge to resist, maybe we don’t understand what each other means. From my perspective, we get trapped in our mind trying to resist our resistance instead of letting go completely and surrender to even our need to resist our resistance. There is such thing as resisting our resistance in spiritual awakening. It is interesting experience…I noticed it with my surrendering process, it pops up again and again when my mind/ego tries to make sense of things and i find myself with this laborious undertaking resisting my resistance—which is still resistance :), chasing my own tale so to speak.


Haha. Yes we do chase our tail endlessly with surrender. I could say that you are resisting to resist the resistance! To which you could reply that I am resisting to resist the resistance of resisting! 😂😂😂

The point is to see that resistance is part of the ego. Awakening is not about surrender. It is about seeing that we were never the resistance to begin with! We have always been the passive awareness beneath all the layers of thought and emotion. Our Surrender isn’t dependent on our mind surrendering. Our Surrender is beyond the mind. We ARE this Surrender. We only need to awaken to it. ❤️


Yeah. So why did you write “resist the urge to resist them” ? 🙂


I don’t know! 😂😂😂

It would be the same incorrect for me to say “surrender to your resistance.” It is still promoting the illusion of control, the identification with the ego. That is why awakening is impossible to teach! We can only try in vain, out of our desire to help others. We will never be able to really teach it. The only true value we can give in our “teachings” is love. People will awaken on their own. They just need love to get them through.


I think we are missing some much needed pieces of puzzle to see a whole picture of all this awakening thing 🙂


Moral of the Story:

We can only chase our tails in the effort to explain “awakening.” In the end, we just end up laughing, because we don’t need to “know” it to Know it. We don’t need to “awaken” to be always and ever Awake!

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