The “Nothing” We Are

My friend: “It is hard to believe that we are not really our thoughts.”

Me: “There is nothing harder.”

Beyond our thoughts, what is there for us to be? Nothing, as far as the mind can see.

But what is beyond the mind? What exists in the absence of thoughts? Is it nothing? And if it is, what does this “nothing” feel like?

It is vast, is it not? It is spacious, wouldn’t you say? It is formless, hence its “nothingness.” It is thoughtless, feelingless, motionless. It is indescribable, so maybe “nothing” is as good a word as any to describe it.

But isn’t the “Nothing” beneath our thoughts a realm of its own? Doesn’t the Space transcend the matter?

Everything is graced by “Nothing.” Like the Sky graces the birds. Like the Page graces the story. Without this infinite and ineffable “Nothing,” life would unfold in darkness, and nothing would ever be Known.


2 thoughts on “The “Nothing” We Are

  1. Good morning, Akira. I really love this post. It reminds me of one I’ve been meaning to write about a verse from the Hebrew Bible that says: “From my narrow straight, I called out to God, and God answered me with space.” Regardless our mental framework about religion, what a blessing it is to find that space!!! jen

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