Forever Found

Just stop. For one moment. Stop seeking for one second, and realize: you have what you are looking for.

You aren’t looking for something you’ve lost. You are looking for something which you’ve forgotten, but always had. And that is okay.

I’m not asking you to stop seeking. I’m just asking you to trust me when I tell you, you haven’t lost your Self. It is impossible to lose what is always there, in every waking moment.

Take this breath to realize that you were never lost, and never will be. You are safe. You are whole. You are Here, right now. Immaculate. Ineffable. Untouchable. You are not the seeker of your Self. You are the Self that is being sought.

So if you are “seeking,” it’s okay. That “you” is not really You. You are found in every breath, in every beat, in every moment. You are found beneath the finding. Forever, You are found!



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