A Stubborn Thought

I am nobody. I am nothing.

I don’t mean that in the metaphysical sense of being the “Nothingness” of Presence, or the physical sense of not really existing as an entity separate from the Universe.

I mean it in the subjective sense that my life amounts to zilch. I am worthless.

2 thoughts on “A Stubborn Thought

  1. Ah, yes, the Ego (and the fear that drives its need to be “more”) can be stubborn. But that thought is Of Atoms. It is not You. You are The Story. Your existence, by definition, cannot be “worthless.” This is the Truth that your Presence knows. And so, what do you do with those stubborn thoughts (which we all have, in our own form)?
    Thich Nhat Hahn teaches (in True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart) that we, as our Presence, must be like a mother who acknowledges, responds to, and loves her crying baby… and the baby is our fear or pain. We must not ignore the fear that drives our stubborn thoughts, but neither need we “become” our thoughts. I’ve found this teaching helpful intellectually, and … well … it’s called “A Practice” for a reason!! 😊 We have to practice staying mindful of who we really are. We also have to have patience with ourselves and when all else fails, as my Guru would say to me, “just breathe”…. jen

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