A New Path

You were never a “baby” or a “sissy” or a “coward.” You were taught not to cry or quiver or mourn. You were taught to “grow up.”

But it is they who don’t cry who fail to grow. It is they who reject fear who are most afraid.

Yes, we have to numb our feelings and bury our souls to compete in the world as we know it. But do we really want to dishonor ourselves to honor the world as it is?

Or can we find the real courage to embrace our sacred being, and fight for a world in which we don’t have to afraid of fear, or discouraged by tears?

You can have your “leg up” in the race against reverence. I don’t want anything to do with it. We can’t find dignity on the path which stole it to begin with.

It is time to leave the path we’re on. It is time to forge a new one.



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