The Wave Home

I’m paralyzed by fear. I can’t remember what I am supposed to do or say. I don’t know how to sound “enlightened.” This deep-seated dread is rooted in memories still clinging to their neuronal sway.

But just because I forget what I am “supposed” to say, doesn’t mean I have forgotten my Presence. This lack of control is a perfect reminder of who I really am. This wave of humility is the only force that can bring me home.

To the sands of Presence. To the shore of my infinite Self.


2 thoughts on “The Wave Home

  1. Akira — I remember having a fear like you describe, feeling unsure where I could “find solid ground” from which I could speak and have others understand me. Be patient with yourself… and hold on to that humility, for it is vital!!
    All the best, jen

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