You have a job interview in the morning. You have a date with a new friend. You are taking a meditation class for the first time. And here they come: the dreaded jitters. The proverbial “butterflies.” The anxiety. The dread.

If you are looking for advice on how to escape them, you won’t get it from me. I say, let them come! Embrace your butterflies like you would a butterfly. They are natural. And despite how they feel, they are a healthy part of being human.

We are as scared of change as we are of more of the same. There is comfort where we are, even if we don’t want to stay there. Change means discomfort. We have to let go of what we know, and live and learn in the moment. We didn’t learn to walk until we decided to stop crawling. We had to put one foot in front of the other for the first time, and trust that we would learn along the way.

Babies feel butterflies too. But they haven’t been taught to distrust them. For them, butterflies are just part of the adventure, of learning how live. Feeling nervous is not something to be nervous about. When we suppress our nerves, that is when things have gone wrong. We have rejected our innate energies. We have shunned our natural wisdom.

When we go into the unknown out of touch with our being, that is when we struggle. We are supposed to be uneasy about change. That is what awakens us to the moment. Our eyes widen. Our ears open. Our Presence deepens.

Embrace your butterflies. Set them free. Walk with worry. Live with unease. Learn to be human once again!


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