The Story of “A-CHOO!”

Even the genius that goes into a sneeze escapes our character’s mind. To our mind, a sneeze appears simple. Just a word or two in the Story.

But the story behind a sneeze could fill a book all by itself!

Cells in our nose detect irritating particles in the air. Chemicals are released, and nerve signals are sent to the brain to initiate a chain of reactions. The muscles in our air passages expand, our chest contracts, and our lungs expel a whirlwind of air and particles from our nose and mouth.

If you think this is already a long story for a sneeze, this is only the book jacket’s summary!

By the time we break down our cells, nerves, and muscles to the atoms that narrate their movements, we’ll be perched upon a tome that couldn’t be read in a lifetime.

Modern science can’t count the amount of atoms involved in a sneeze. And if each atom comprises a chapter in the narration of a sneeze, it would take a rainforest to publish a single moment of “A-CHOO!”


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