We are never alone.

Sometimes we feel alone because we are gregarious animals, and we need social nourishment.

But the ideas that the feeling of loneliness incite in our mind—that we are disconnected from the world, that we are exiled from other beings—these thoughts are absolutely ridiculous.

There is nothing which separates us, because there are no real divisions of form. You and I are part of one Body, and each of us is one with Everything.


4 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. In Solitude, we are abundant within and With our relationship to Self…still in the connection of Unity to All…
    Lonliness…is a human space…brought by the exile by a group or by our own designed choice. Lonliness shows us….we are human and we have stopped touching our Divinity…and Believe we are a seperate village. In lonliness, if we are vulnerable enough…we will realize….this is the very human space where choices are offered both human and Soul…..in a united rhythm…of the Heart/Mind….to observe that which we created ourselves into. **Spoiler alert**….there is ALWAYS a door here…Create an amazing adventure as you journey this day of your life…Namaste’


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