A Love beyond liking

We can all agree on the fact that we don’t have to like something to love it.

Every sibling bond thrives on competition and antagonism. Indeed, try to curb these foundations of fraternity, and we’ll find a distant rift supplanting a perfectly wholesome and superficial one. Yet, when the time for childish antics is disturbed by the cold facts of life, we feel a love for our siblings that stops time.

Our bond with Life is similar. A wholesome affinity to Oneness finds us wrestling with it like a brother, and quarreling with it like a sister. Yet despite our daily persuading, cajoling and subduing of the Universe, when times get tough we defer to the fact of our inseparateness.

Wrestle with your brother and the conditions of your life. Bicker with your sister and with each rising sun. Connections thrive on spirited tussles, with karma and kin the same. But when those ties are threatened, by death or spiritual destitution, the time for tussles is over. Only love will get us through.

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