Worth every damn step

We have panic attacks in social situations, due to our over-active egos. We can’t connect with others, because we’re so worried about saying the right thing, and acting the right way. The obsession with our “self” stifles the gift of human intimacy, the only thing worth living for.

And of course, we never can say the “right thing,” or be the person we want to be, because We are never actually in control.

But we don’t know it isn’t our fault. We are “in control.” So if we stumble, we are to blame. If we stutter, it is all on us. Every blemish of our less-than-perfect life is our responsibility. The gaping holes of love, security, and purpose are due to deficiencies in our “self.”

Parts of our life are far from perfect. But that’s the world we live in! We’re lucky to have a hot meal each day, and a pillow to rest on. And the present moment to grow in.

The world is a brutal place. Our life will never be ideal, because the world will never be ideal. This is a big pill to swallow, but one essential to our health.

The good news is that we don’t need perfection in the world, or in our life. We only need it in our Self! This is why awakening is so important. For our peace of mind. And the world’s.

Accepting our lack of control may seem like the darker path, beside the familiar burden of our ego. But the darker path leads to an eternal Light. The ego leads us only to “death.”

There is no price too high for immortality. The path is dark and long. But it’s worth every damned step!

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