In my first encounter with Akira I noticed his complete presence in the moment. I liked his light peaceful energy, which lasted for days after our conversation. He is a gifted writer, and has a lot to offer if you are looking to connect on a spiritual level and expand your journey of awakening and awareness. He embraces the present moment with all it has to offer without labels and judgments. I liked his open-mindedness and how he embraces the differences we might all have about spirituality and reality in general. He firmly asserts that all we need is love, which is very true in this materialistic and aloof society we live in.

Innessa Ray, Founder of Malibu Quietude

Akira has really helped me with compassionate inquiry and being present…and his book and blog have really helped me too.

Jason W., 1 on 1 Session

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We’ve been taught the wrong “freedom”

Tragically we’ve been taught to pursue the wrong kind of freedom. We seek freedom from suffering, but true freedom includes suffering. It is the freedom to live in the moment, whether painful or not, rather than living in perpetual flight in the futile effort to reach the fantastical state of “the end of suffering.”

Free, in pain

There comes a point in suffering of total liberation. Not liberation from pain, but from seeking the end of it. Pain is so perpetual, you finally lose all illusions of eluding it. And your fucking free. Not from pain. From seeking the end of it.

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